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About Us

David Stewart - Scotland - 1983 - Balvenie Distillery

It all began then, when this visionary gentleman called David Stewart, still current Master Distiller, decided to revolutionize the Whisky-making world and Spirit-making world.

He asked himself a question, that all his fellow colleagues of other distilleries and every person involved in the whisky world would think is a crazy idea to pursuit.

He asked himself what would happen if - after the whisky has been maturing for years inside a cask, instead of proceeding to bottle that liquid right away, he would instead take the whisky out of that cask and transfer it into another barrel that had previously stored, inside its wooden walls, a completely different liquid - such as a wine, a sherry, a madeira, a port, or even a different spirit.

That very day in 1983, the nowadays well-known technique of "Cask Finishing" was born. David started experimenting and trying different options, until he released the very first Cask Finished product in the spirit world, the "Balvenie Doublewood", or at that time called the "Balvenie Classic"; first matured in refill American Oak ex Bourbon casks, and then finished in first fill European oak Sherry casks.

Dario Knox - Singapore - 2015 - The Other Room

He asks himself a similar question

"What would happen if I take the technique pioneered by David Stewart,  now used by every respected distillery, and apply that to a much wider range of products, finishing spirits that we are already familiar with, but in a way no one has ever tried before"

It will be like giving the opportunity to discerning drinkers to try their favourites, in a way they have never experienced before. When we say no one has tried before, we do not only refer to consumers, bartenders, collectors, aficionados, critics, but we also refer to the very same people who created the original products, the same Master Distillers.

With this visionary goal, Dario Knox started crafting and creating cask finished product for over 1 year, until he was ready to open doors of his new conceived project: 

The Other Room

With over 300 different Finished products, The Other Room is currently the first and only place on earth,

where all the different spirits are "Finished" by the trained hands of its team led by Dario Knox.

The only way for you to try any of these products,

It is for you to come here!!

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