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The Other Room offers you the chance of learning how to make

World Class drinks at home.

Masterclasses are a fun activity to extend to your next Company gathering or just as a cool gift for a group of friends who want to learn how to make the best cocktails and how to shake things up at home when hosting parties with friends.

We host different tiers of Masterclasses according to the general knowledge

and skill of the group.

We always suggest to start with

"Level 1" and then work your way up to the most advanced ones.

Level 1 Masterclass includes:

  • Introduction to THE OTHER ROOM

  • Ingredients training

  • Tools orientation

  • How to handle bottles and a few secrets on how to keep them

  • How to set up a -Home Bar-

  • How to mix

  • Learn to prepare the best Classic Cocktails in history

Cocktails will be prepared by each one of the participants and will be served to their fellow friends or colleagues to enjoy.

It is an overall time of fun and cocktails, perfect for anyone who wants to have the insights of this beautiful craft and for those who want to surprise their friends at their next gathering.

For prices and availability please contact us directly at:

So, what are you waiting for?

Gather your friends, form a group, choose a date and we'll bring the fun!!

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