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Timeline Menu

This is just a sneak peek of our new Timeline Menu. Our Cocktails are gentle and beautiful interpretations of the greatest classics of all time, starting from the very first "cocktails" that we have found a written record of.

If these beautiful concoctions have survived over the course of centuries, there must be a reason. And as much as we try to innovate with new recipes, not taking a look at our past, to understand the future, it would be a silly mistake.

The majority of our drinks carry a good punch, seen that are made by higher amount of spirit proportion. The ultimate goal is the perfect balance between all the ingredients.

When choosing how strong you want your cocktail, look for the black dots below each drink. The more you see, the stronger your drink is going to be.

These are only a small part of all the drinks you will find on our menu. To enjoy the whole menu make sure you find us... and once you have discovered our secret entrance, sit back and relax, cause it will take you a long long time to try everything we have on our menu.

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